Giving and Receiving

Hi Giant Grape Leaf,

Wow, you are looking marvelous!

I’m taking a beautiful, quiet moment outside this morning to sit with you. Our back porch, trees, birds… and grape vine do not know it’s just before Christmas. And while everything is growing in great swathes of green, there is no rush here.

Here, the giving and receiving are the same thing. It is sunshine and earth, bird song and flight, breeze and swaying branches.

This is the perfection I wish for you, the sense of home, and wellness. I wish you the rich space where giving and receiving become the essence of love, one indistinguishable from the other.

If you have this already, you will be smiling now.

If you don’t. let’s sit together a moment. Stop your avalanche just for now.

The hardest thing to do in an avalanche of “to-do’s” is to make a safe space to rest and consider the perfection of life.

You are made of star dust, and arrived in this world with no to-do list. You will leave as star dust and no to-do list. The moments in between are filled with the decisions you make about what is important to you. You have the opportunity to reflect your values in every decision and task.

What is important to you?

Let your home be messier. Give your home more attention and tidy up.

Give more time to causes. Say no to the abundant opportunities to participate.

Get out and about more. Stay home and slow it down.

Eat more veggies. Enjoy an ice cream.

Get up early to see the sunrise. Stay up late to consider the stars.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

Give. Receive.

Same, same.

Each is but a minor reflection of the quality of light you tend. It does not matter WHAT you choose to do. What matters is the clarity and devotion you bring to your action.

Thank you for reading, allowing me to be with you for these few breaths. Have a wonderful holidays. If you have a “terrible” holidays, smile anyway, knowing the perfection of Now is a mystery.

With respect, Bex