bex cashman

After 20 years of meditating, praying and singing, I am grateful to come to the realisation that peace is in the breath. That energy is in the breath. That love is everywhere. I am that I am reminds me to see Truth, regardless.

From the 3-d perspective, I am the founder and natural product maker for goodbye PRODUCTS in New Zealand. Not because I really planned to be that, it just sort of morphed that way, but since I’ve been an entrepreneur since 1999, I guess it’s ok to have a legacy for the work done.

Kerikeri is my home with the Bay of Islands as an ocean playground only minutes away, where we sail. Daily yoga keeps me bendy and smiley. I garden for sanity, which means I participate in growing a whole heap of organic food for my family.

My biggest growth has been in being a mother. My children making me so uncomfortable with their love, whining, enthusiasm and howls there is nothing to do but breathe and delight in the craziness and beauty of it. Or just go to bed early.

My desire is to reflect my learning of the nourishment available to all of us in every moment. From food to sunsets, children to traffic jams. We live a nourished life.