Burning Seeds and Sowing Seeds: A Story

Burning Seeds and Sowing Seeds: A story

Since I last wrote for The Nourished Life a month ago, I got sick with my old childhood “friend” strep. I was so sure it was time to put this to rest without the use of antibiotics, and the process was fierce.

It not only brought up childhood demons, it brought up a memory from EXACTLY 7 years before. I had bronchitis when Isaac was 39 weeks in my belly, coughing blood and peeing a little bit every time I coughed, which was alot. It had been coming on for more than a month. I was taking ayurvedic herbs, eating like a health champion, ginger water, fresh herbs. But still sliding more and more tired, more sick. Distressing. John had just broken his leg working as a ski patroller. I was in Karamea looking after a property, a 3 year old and the business. Overwhelmingly pregnant and sick. HE was at the other end of the island in Invercargill having surgery on his leg.

I cried as I started the antibiotics. I felt like I’d lost. Clever Isaac stayed put in his cosy nest, gaining weight, and let his parents sort themselves out. He had everyone hopping with impatience (at nearly 3 weeks overdue) except me and John. I had pulled rib ligaments with the coughing and was desperately trying to recover to be able to have the labour I so wanted. John had made it to Karamea and was adding a few minutes of ability to be upright each day.  Mom flew out from the states on a few days notice on a mercy mission to help us out (thanks Mom!) Karamea friends cooked, did laundry, took Helena for a few hours.

We were blessed that Isaac knew to stay put. When labour finally started, I smilingly wheeled John in his wheelchair up to the birthing ward, ready.

Roll forward 7 years. Isaac broke his leg over winter, skiing. John was away in Queenstown ski- guiding. I was looking after property, kids, business. And getting tired. See the story repeating itself? An Auckland trip to start sorting Mum for a house move, followed by caring for 2 sick kids the week before school holidays, left me on E.

Kids feeling better, John rolled off with them to Murrays Bay sailing regatta, leaving me to have a very efficient “work week.” But it was not a work week. It was facing strep week. By the middle of the week, I was spitting every mouth full of saliva because swallowing hurt too much. Fevers every night.

I was triggered. I felt vulnerable, on an edge of dropping into something very dark and scary. I knew my mind and heart space was just as important as the ginger, manuka essential oil and Vitamin C.

Aside from herbs and gargling, I returned to yoga’s Bee Breath, Lion Breath and Om, over and over again. Moving the throat with a vibration of love, and trusting the healing process. I sat outside on the deck each day, absorbing a few of the sun’s healing rays on my body. I rested.

A friend brought me a mountain of stinging nettle and I made Stinging Nettle Soup.

And slowly my body took care of itself, with the help of legions of support from life. And somewhere along the way my body burned up the old seeds of childhood illness and a pregnancy that haunted me. Weed seeds, gone. Leaving me feeling clean, light and clear.

As always when returning to wellness, I feel gratitude overflowing. I now understand what makes an oak tree able to re-leaf with a million new bright green leaves, all at the same time. Gratitude. It’s the ability to absorb all that is given and reflect it back in action.

And so we decided to give away more seeds. And the response went off my charts, with 3200 people in NZ receiving 7300 seed packets. (Think kitchen tables and seeds everywhere for days)

So many people offered to pay for post that it gave me an idea, a sort of Pay it Forward.  For every $2 given, we’ll send two packets to one more person.  So far our community has donated $233 toward seeds. That’s 116.5 people (we won’t really split a person) that are going to get seeds because of a simple act of generosity.

To say thank you for making these seeds go further than anyone imagined, you’ll get the download to my intro course in Natural Remedy Kitchen. Simple and priceless (ie, worth WAY more than $2 :-)) five recipes made with eight kitchen ingredients (most of which you probably already have) woven with encouragement and knowledge, calling you to live a more nourished life.

We’re drawing for these seeds on Friday (just in a few days). Full MoooooooN! November 7th at 11:23 am. Click the button to sow a few more seeds.

With gratitude, New-Leafed Oak Tree, Bex

NOTE: Button has been removed, the response was incredible and we sent seeds to 400 more people from the donations made. So Satisfying.

Becky Cashman

I started writing 3 years ago to begin to reflect the knowledge of many years of being an outdoor guide, combined with years more as a massage and cranio-sacral therapist. It was becoming a mother that sealed these two areas into one, in part because I began teaching my children about nature and wellness. But mostly because becoming a mother pretty much broke me, and in the rebuilding I became stronger, clearer and much more beautiful. What I teach is Natural Intelligence, a conversation about how connection to our natural world is not just sanity, it’s an access point to the most amazing experiences of our lives. Nature helps you realize the person you dream of being is already who you are.
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