Making a Difference

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This is brief closure on the last issue. We are back from 4 days down in Motueka for our friend’s memorial gathering. It was a celebration of a life, with moments so sorrowful I felt like I was drowning. And moments so joyful, I floated like a white balloon into a blue sky.

Some of my friend’s gifts to the world were quite grand. He was an adventurer of notable proportions with ideas and achievements that ranged far beyond the everyday world.

I’ve been considering this idea of “gift to the world”, and this week, I pose two gentle questions to you.

What is your gift? What are you grateful for?

You are brave enough to ask and answer these kinds of questions. Your answers will sharpen your focus on living.

Perhaps for the natural living, natural bug repellent clan, I have strayed a bit far for you. In the next iNAB, I’m going to re-focus the magazine for you. It’s time to let you know about the vision that’s been evolving between your input and my heart.

Wet autumn leaves, Becky

p.s. For any of you that knew or knew of Dave Allardice, or are interested, I made this video of our weekend. Doing this video is one of my gifts to this world, celebrating the bright light of a friend and a legend.

Making a Difference

I was recently in Auckland visiting with my mother-in-law whom I love dearly. We went to do her weekly shop together, which is a decent sized event for her. When it came to checkout time, she was very specific about which line, and I followed her. The person before us had great difficulty with her purchase, her body in obvious physical strain just standing to complete her shopping. And the checkout person treated her with immense care.

Then it was Mum’s turn. Mum greeted Maria by name, and they were clearly delighted to see each other. They let me know that Maria had been looking after my Mum for 13 years. Mum said afterwards that through all the things she’s been through in the last few years, Maria always lets her know that she’s there. She’s made Mum’s shopping experience friendlier and easier once a week, year after year.

Here’s where the learning is for me, and I’ll share it with you.

Our gift is what comes most naturally for us.

Maria has a gift for interacting with people in a way that makes them feel loved. Her medium is the most unlikely of all places, the grocery checkout. No one can do exactly what Maria does. It is one of her gifts to this world.

What is one of your gifts to this world?

Think of the everyday hero things that are possibly not even noticed by those around you. You’ve certainly never gotten a silver cup for it.

Think of the simple gestures of consideration that you make, that people around you soak up like warm sun.

Realize that you are creating the legacy of this life, one simple, beautiful moment at a time. Take a moment and write it down. What is one of your gifts to the world? In what ‘only you’ way do you show up to life?

I celebrate the ways that you shine in this world. Well done, everyday hero. Well done.

Consider the things that you do that come so easily to you, but seem quite hard for most of the people around you.

Consider that what you do is just what you do. And it also HAPPENS to be of great service.
Our gift to the world is expressing the clearest version of who we are. There has never been, and there will never be another you. You are uniquely singing in this universe, and your song is a gift. When you recognize this for yourself, it allows you to celebrate who you are. It also allows us to celebrate with you.

Becky Cashman

Whenever a new friend asks me that classic question…

So Becky, what do you do?  I always feel like I should invite them to pull up a chair, and stay awhile. Because I have two perfectly good answers. And both of them are true.

On one hand, I’m an entrepreneur. I run two beautiful companies with my husband + creative partner, John: Goodbye Sandfly and Access Organics. Together, we make a natural product that repels bugs and soothe bites, and work actively on our organic property.

On the other hand, I’m a writer and a teacher. Not the kind of teacher who instructs children at school. But rather, the kind of teacher who writes, sings, creates videos, and inspires conversations about peace, power, happiness, and most of all, gratitude.

I’ve learned to live comfortably with both of my answers and both of my identities. And with each passing year, I find meaningful ways to merge the two together.

Check it Out

If you are wrestling with your “Positive Thinking” lately, read this. This is my article that was just published by It’s All about Women. Guys, I’m sure you can click through, they won’t know, honest.

It’s a little story of what happens when you mix a 5 year old’s tantrum with a new age mama. And begins…

“I cut up the toast before I put the cheese on it, and for that I would pay.”

The Shadow World of Positive Thinking

From You

“My husband and I used your product whenever we visited NZ a few years ago. We LOVED it! It really worked wonders!!! We can’t find anything like it in the U.S. and we’re in a mosquito populated area and have small children.” Danielle


We are [the] same The way we are born, the way we die no formality.

His Holiness, the Dalai Lama

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