I will not let you get lost

I will not let you get lost 22:42, nearly low tide, I pop my head up to check on the boat anchored in a wondrous bay. Moon has set, Stars are alight across the entire sky. Terra Nova directly faces the Southern Cross, a most inspiring constellation. “I will not let you get lost.” Hi Half Moon, After 4 days of 15 to 20 knots, wind humming through the rigging most of the nights, checking for anchor drag, at last I am in the anchorage I visioned when I started this trip. Calm, clear, quiet, beautiful. And at last I…       Read more

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In the Middle of the Ocean

In the middle of the ocean Hi Apple Blossom, Crazy to say, but I dropped you off in the middle of the ocean with our sailing trip at the end of April. I rolled into business travel where we justify our products’ existence on grocery store shelves. Which rolled into a ski holiday, son Isaac’s broken leg, our return home and a winter of solo parenting. And rain. Now, early September, it’s stopped raining, husband John is home, Isaac walked to the bus for the first time yesterday, and spring is here in New Zealand. I’ll pick up that ocean…       Read more

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I am the Ocean

This Week Right, here’s the straight up short of it. I have this feeling that we’ve just become “successful” in our business. We’ve been loving up Goodbye Sandfly for 14 years, and as of three years ago it has supported our family, just. A few weeks ago we began selling our new products Goodbye Ouch and Goodbye Nits into shops in New Zealand. We are now in over a hundred locations, and are already getting re-orders. Our new babies are selling. Here’s how you can find them,  www.goodbyesandfly.co.nz/where-to-buy/ This week I share a little bit of what happened in my…       Read more

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Natural Intelligence

This Week I started this magazine because I was tired of talking about sandflies and mosquitoes. I’m sure you can understand. I needed an outlet to talk about the truth hidden behind the sandflies and mosquitoes. Hence, the cheeky name, It’s Not about the Bugs. In September, we will be celebrating our 2- year anniversary. I feel like we’re just getting started. I’ve outgrown the name of the magazine. I often teach about Point Positive. Point Positive is saying what you want instead of what you don’t want. I’m ready to reflect that in our magazine, instead of saying what…       Read more

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Making a Difference

Hi THere, This is brief closure on the last issue. We are back from 4 days down in Motueka for our friend’s memorial gathering. It was a celebration of a life, with moments so sorrowful I felt like I was drowning. And moments so joyful, I floated like a white balloon into a blue sky. Some of my friend’s gifts to the world were quite grand. He was an adventurer of notable proportions with ideas and achievements that ranged far beyond the everyday world. I’ve been considering this idea of “gift to the world”, and this week, I pose two…       Read more

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