Peace, Sandfly

Peace, Sandfly

How’s the 21 Days of Peace going? Within 30 minutes of sending the last post to you, in my new promise of peace, I could not get the motor started to go home. I felt kind of stressed, my mind began rabbiting, then I thought, oh, that’s right, I’m not fussing about this. So, I did my new practice, and tried a few things with the motor, and eventually got it going.

Roll forward to Day 7, and I find myself saying in my most powerful voice (Not yelling, quite), “get out of the f—ing house” I’ll save the details to protect the innocent and not so innocent. But… hmm, not peaceful.

Honestly, the last week, with my focus on peace, has had many moments highlighted where I am just not living up to this ideal. You??

But what IS brilliant about it, is that it keeps reminding me of what I choose, and what is important. And on the whole it’s working. I chose 21 days because it gave me a place to focus. To start a new habit. To lead up to Christmas in a way that I choose instead of the circumstances around me.

I hope you are finding those gentle, clear, beautiful moments too.

I forgot to mention in the last post, we are drawing for 20 bottles of Goodbye Sandfly for anyone who posts their worst sandfly spot on our Sandfly Map. Apologies for the short notice, but it closes at the end of tomorrow (NZ Thursday). We’ve had just over 20 entries so far (because I haven’t managed to actually get the word out about it) so your chances are pretty good!

Every entry makes the map better and even more useful.

Peace, Sandfly, Bex

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